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Preventative Maintenance for Your Vehicle

Brake Repair in LynnwoodCar maintenance can be a hassle, but it will keep you away from the repair shops. We have put together a small list of tips to help you maintain your vehicle:

Always Check Your Fluids – Making sure that all fluids in your car are checked regularly is crucial for any car owner. Your engine oil is easy to check. All you have to do is find the dipstick in your engine and check it after it has cooled down. The dipstick will let you know when your oil is low.

Take Care of Your Tires – Having your tires inspected and rotated can help ensure that your vehicle will last for a long time. All tires do not wear out at the same time, so you want to rotate the front and back tires once every 7,500 miles. Additionally, you should always inflate your tires when your alert light goes off.

Drive Defensively – Did you know that driving smartly and safely can help your vehicle last for many years? Keep your eyes on the road at all times and be aware of your surroundings. It could save your life.

Whether you need a brake repair in Lynnwood or are looking for a specialist to help you with emission problems, you can count on the specialists at Andy’s Auto Repair to help you. Our business is your source for dependable auto care in the area.

Three Signs You May Have Transmission Problems

Transmission Repair in LynnwoodDealing with transmission issues can be very frustrating. Here are a few warning signs that mean you need to have someone take a look at your vehicle:

  • Slipping Issues – Have you noticed that your transmission is switching gears for no reason? This is a sign that your transmission is slipping. Other signs include problems accelerating, your car feeling like it suddenly does not have enough power, or just general struggling sounds.
  • Shifting Delays – When you shift from park to drive, your vehicle should start to move forward as soon as you hit the gas. If there is a long pause when you make the shift and your engine starts to rev up, it is time to have someone look at the transmission.
  • Red Fluid Leaks – If you are starting to notice a bright red fluid leaking from your vehicle, that generally means you have a transmission leak. This fluid may also come out as dark red or brown. It does not matter what color it is, having a professional check it out is a wise plan.

When you need a transmission repair in Lynnwood, you can trust the specialists at Andy’s Auto Repair to assist you. For more than 50 years, people have trusted our business when they need auto repair services.