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What is a Transmission Flush?

Transmission Repair in LynwoodTaking care of your vehicle is very important. If you are having issues with your transmission, you can count on the team at Andy’s Auto Repair to assist you. We provide a wide array of transmission services, including flushes.

A transmission flush is a process where all of the oil in your vehicle’s transmission is removed and new oil, as well as specialized cleaning solutions, is run through it to ensure that any sludge has been pushed out. Once the oil has been run through, it is then filled up with new oil. The process is typically used when you are having issues like strange noises, car surges, and delays.

With most vehicles, you will see darkened oil with some debris in it. This is normal. Signs that are a concern include excess metal flakes and other debris accompanied by a bad smell and completely black oil. If we see this problem, we may want to do a more in-depth inspection to ensure that every part of your transmission is working efficiently.

Don’t hit the road with a transmission that does not work. Count on the team at our business to provide you with excellent transmission repair in Lynnwood. We are known for providing outstanding services at prices that will not break the bank.

Three Reasons Why You May Need a Transmission Repair

Truck Repair in LynnwoodEvery manual transmission will eventually need clutch repair. Depending on your year, make, and model, you should start looking at your clutch around 85,000 miles to ensure that everything is working correctly. Here are three signs you may need clutch repair services:

  • Slipping Issues – When the clutch plate starts to wear down, it will cause your clutch to slip. The power will not transfer to the transmission, and you will have trouble shifting into a different gear. This is a common issue when you ride the clutch.
  • Master and Slave Cylinders Goes Bad – These cylinders have seals and boots on them that wear over time. When they are worn down, they start to leak. When you lose hydraulic fluid from these points, your clutch pedal will stop working effectively.
  • Hydraulic Fluid Problems – Your hydraulic fluid should be flushed at least every 100,000 miles. When the fluid is not flushed, it becomes less dense which will make it less effective.

You can count on the team at Andy’s Auto Repair when you need a car or truck repair in Lynnwood. Our team has more 50 years of experience serving people throughout the community. Whether you need maintenance services or are interested in significant repairs, our team is there for you.