Three Signs You May Have Transmission Problems

Transmission Repair in LynnwoodDealing with transmission issues can be very frustrating. Here are a few warning signs that mean you need to have someone take a look at your vehicle:

  • Slipping Issues – Have you noticed that your transmission is switching gears for no reason? This is a sign that your transmission is slipping. Other signs include problems accelerating, your car feeling like it suddenly does not have enough power, or just general struggling sounds.
  • Shifting Delays – When you shift from park to drive, your vehicle should start to move forward as soon as you hit the gas. If there is a long pause when you make the shift and your engine starts to rev up, it is time to have someone look at the transmission.
  • Red Fluid Leaks – If you are starting to notice a bright red fluid leaking from your vehicle, that generally means you have a transmission leak. This fluid may also come out as dark red or brown. It does not matter what color it is, having a professional check it out is a wise plan.

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